Where to stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai offers an impressive choice of hotels, coffee shop and restaurants to choose from. Ethan and I went at Christmas time and waited a little too long to book our hotel, thus the choice was quite limited and more expensive then it should have been, but in general, you can get a fabulous hotel for quite a good price. So, where to stay in Chiang Mai? Here are some of my picks.

Of course, there are accommodations for all budget, but here I focus on hotel that feel quite luxurious or at least very comfortable and unique, while paying the price of a standard hotel room in the US or Canada (so about $100-200, and quite often less than that depending on the season – I found room for $60-70 in at least one of them before).

I didn’t stay in all of them, but I went to visit them as I noticed them during my stay (my favorite is the last one!). They all have great reviews as well.



What I liked about this place is the more traditional Thai look, or at least, the image I had in my mind about it! You are welcomed with tea and and cold towels in the outdoor lobby under a wonderful banyan tree. There was quite a few families with children here.

The plus : the pool is in the sun almost all day so it was warmer then other places I have been too. The room was pretty quiet and spacious and the bathroom was humongous. It’s 5 minutes away from a cool night market.

The minus : the shower was not quite good, either scorching hot water or super cold – no in between, but I am told it often happens around here.

Clic here for Yaang Come Village website


Where to stay in Chiang Mai Thailand

Where to stay in Chiang Mai Thailand



This will be my number one choice for my next visit. One of the reason, appart from the fact that the look and the location are so on point, is that the beautiful salt pool (as oppose to chlorine) is heated, a seemingly rare thing around here. In all the hotels I went to during this trip, the pools were not heated and as it’s December and the nights are cooler, the water was quite cold to swim.

A heated pool sounds like the ultimate luxury for me right now to swim either morning, afternoon or even evening!


Where to stay in Chiang Mai : AKSARA HERITAGE

Where to stay in Chiang Mai : AKSARA HERITAGE


In addition to this, the restaurant of the hotel is pretty fantastical as well! Delicious food (a nice mix between Thai, asian and Western food options), a amazing interior design, from floor to ceiling, and 2 options to eat outside: a beautiful terrasse by the street, to look at the action, or inside the courtyard, by the pool and the outdoor bar. All of those very elegant!


Where to stay in Chiang Mai : AKSARA HERITAGE

Where to stay in Chiang Mai : AKSARA HERITAGE


I also love the fact that the hotel is located next to a fantastical temple, and while we were finishing eating, we could hear the monks chanting and it was absolutely beautiful!

Clic here for their website



This one is also located in the heart of the old city. I love the minimalist yet very chic and elegant look of this place. The pool area is beautiful and so photogenic as well! Everything in this decor is quite dreamy an Instagram dream! It’s chic, modern and elegant. With a touch of colonial reminder, like the beautiful chairs in cannage.


Where to stay in Chiang Mai : BURIRATTANA HOTEL

Where to stay in Chiang Mai : BURIRATTANA HOTEL

Where to stay in Chiang Mai : BURIRATTANA HOTEL


It also host my favorite coffee shop, Kati, where you’ll find wonderful food options and delicious coffee. I absolutely love the design of this place and couldn’t get enough!


Where to stay in Chiang Mai : Burirattana Hotel


Click here for their website.



This one in more on the expensive side (I look for spring and it seemed to be about $200 a night to start and up, depending on the type of room). It’s definitely worth checking again, as prices might probably change with the season. We loved the welcoming staff, and the oh-so-beautiful grounds of the property.

With a restaurant (with a roof top terrasse) right by the Ping river, this is quite indeed a romantic spot. It looks divine!


Where to stay in Chiang Mai Thailand

Where to stay in Chiang Mai Thailand


See their website



As the previous one (located next to the Na Nirand), this one is more on the expensive side of this spectrum. The hotel is a beautiful colonial style mansion, with 19 rooms and the architecture is especially beautiful and interesting.

They will pick you up from the airport in one of their classic Mercedes Benz in cream colour with the chauffeur dressing the part, and actually, they can give you a ride around town every day of your stay, as long as it’s not too far.

You can hang out on the veranda, have a drink in the library or even go for afternoon tea at the Jardin Nakara located just behind it.The breakfast is pretty amazing and the service is fantastical! You pay more, but you will understand why!

The only thing I personaly liked less: the pool in in the shade most of the day and pretty cold. In the afternoon, the place is like a fresh little oasis, which is perfect to hang out, but less for swimming and sunbathing.

See Ping Nakara website


Where to stay in Chiang Mai Thailand

Where to stay in Chiang Mai Thailand

Where to stay in Chiang Mai Thailand


So I know there are MANY more beautiful options for where to stay in Chiang Mai, and maybe when I come back next time (because I am sure I will), I will have more options to share with you.

But for now, don’t hesitate to share your favourite Chiang Mai hotel(s) in the comments below, I would love to hear your suggestions as well!



Where to eat in Chiang Mai Thailand

Where to eat in Chiang Mai Thailand


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