What to wear in Angkor Wat? Find ideas here.


As I was planing my trip to Cambodia, one of the questions I was asking myself was: what to wear in Angkor Wat? I’ve been told it was so hot during March in Siem Reap, Cambodia, that you can’t visit the temples during the afternoon. The thing you need to know is that you must cover your knees and your shoulders – so forget the tank top and the shorts you were planning on wearing!

So, if you are wondering what to wear so that you like your pictures and yet that you’re comfortable enough to sweat all day and walk in the dust, keep on reading. Here are three options to consider.


What to wear in Angkor Wat


The Instagram look

If you are planning on taking cute, « Instagramable » pictures of yourself, I recommend to find a pair of pants that are light and easy to move in. Think comfort as much as look. You’ll need it

Keep in mind that you might get dusty (even a bit dirty if you lean on a wall for a photo, or sit on the edge of a window for that perfect shot). So obviously, try to have pants that are not TOO long. Then, an easy way to complete the look would be to pair it with a simple white t-shirt or light blouse.

What to wear in Angkor Wat : pants

What to wear in Angkor Wat : T-shirt


Midi skirts can also be a good idea, as long as they are made of a comfortable material and dont have a synthetic lining (I tried, it was uncomfortable because you will be sweating…)! Remember that they should cover your knees.


What to wear in Angkor Wat : skirts


As for shoes, I recommend something that covers your toes, as I was very grateful at least on two occasions mine were covered after slipping on a stone step. But with the heat, you might want to have something lighter on. At least make sure they hold good on your feet.

Many say that it would be crazy to try to climb those steep stone stairs with flip-flops, and after trying myself, I give them a point for being right! Again: it will be dusty on the road, so keep that in mind when you choose your shoes.


What to wear in Angkor Wat


And of course, you’ll need a hat to complete your outfit (and mostly to avoid a sun stroke).


What to wear in Angkor Wat : hat


As for your handbag, ideally something like a cross-body bag is a good idea. You keep your hands free. You’ll need them for drinking water or holding your fan!

Yes, I recommend bringing a fan with you – you’ll thank me for it! If you don’t have one, you can find one in any of the markets.


What to wear in Angkor Wat

What to wear in Angkor Wat


The sporty look

Another option for maximum comfort? Approach the day as you would for a yoga or a pilates class. I’m talking sport capri, low impact sport bra and a flowy t-shirt, paired with your favorite running shoes.

Honestly, that was not my favorite look for photos, but I was so comfortable and happy to wear running shoes that day that I couldn’t be bothered.


What to wear in Angkor Wat : sporty look


The local « tourist look »

Another option : the local (tourist) pants. At every corner fo Siem Reap and all around the temples, you’ll find little markets that sell arts and clothes. You can buy pants for as little as 3$ (US). They will start at 10$ US, but negotiate a little bit and the price will drop quickly.

They are light, flowy and very comfortable. Of course, you’ll see a lot of people during the day wearing the same pants as you, but you’ll be too comfortable to care!

Same goes for t-shirts, easy to find. Our guide, Saven, told us you should not pay more then $2 or $3 US for them.


What to wear in Angkor Wat
Relaxing by the pool at the Model Angkor Resort, one of the hotel we tried in Siem Reap.


I wish I had found better information before going, but at the end of the day, the important thing really is to enjoy the fabulous moments of your trip. Angkor Wat was just as amazing as I could have imagined and I savoured every minutes of it.

So here, now you have a better idea of what to wear in Angkor Wat! In short, remember that you are going to visit temples, these are sacred places and you want to be respectful.

I hope this article helps a little. If you have questions about your trip to Cambodia, let them in the commentaries below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Oh and P.S. : forget anything black, you’ll be too hot!

Enjoy your trip!


What to wear in Angkor Wat


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