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par Josianne

Publié le Jan 9, 2019 sur Arizona (English) | 2 Commentaires

My top 10 decor elements of the moment for a fabulous home!


I am currently in Tucson, Arizona, for the next three months or so. During my stay, one of my project is to completely furnish a three bedrooms house and to turn it later into a high end short-term rental retreat in the desert. To know a little bit more about the project, you can have a look at this article. Here, I want to share with you my Top 10 decor elements of the moment.


trendy decor elements


In a soon to come article, I’d like to tell you more about my goal to furnish the whole house for less then $2,500 (that’s three bedrooms, a fairly large living room, dinning room, plus the kitchen and two bathrooms). And when I say furnish, I mean everything; from the beds to the couch, to the the silverware, the plates, the cups, etc.

Will I be able to reach my goal? So far, so good! For now, here are some of my favorite things to shop for the house. This is what my house here should look like when I am done.


A brown leather couch

It’s the star of my living room. No matter the style (classic, mid-century, modern) and even the material (I like the leather ones, but faux-leather, suede and fabric are also very nice) this is a very trendy item that will make a statement in your living room.


Brown leather couch decor

Photo : Pinterest


Some cactus watercolor paintings

Any kind of cactus goes and any plan; close-up, mix and match, etc. Personally, I like them very simple with a white background and a simple frame (black, white, even gold, or any color of wood).

I like watercolor, but obviously, any kind of medium will be gorgeous as well, whether it’s an oil painting, a drawing, even a photograph.

Those are my own paintings, that was a first try, I intend to do more!


Cactus watercolor

I decided to try watercolor cactus painting!


An industrial touch

I love the black lines and metal touch with the brown leather couch. I got my self a industrial looking bookshelf and coffee table (with glass tops and black steal looking frames). Can’t wait to show you the result in my living room!


Brown leather couch with industrial decor

Photo : Pinterest


And/or a Mid-century touch

This is a HUGE one this season and cheap items on Facebook marketplace that are mid-century are selling super quickly (within a few hours, if not minutes), before being put back on the market for as much as ten times the price they were bought.

The style goes everywhere; kitchen table and chairs, dresser, night stand, name it, it’s in every room and corner of the house!


Mid-century inspired dinning room decor

Photo : Pinterest

Mid-Century entry table with tropical plants

Photo : Pinterest


Wicker here, wicker there

I am a little obsessed with wicker at the moment. Almost anything would go: a ottoman, a side table, a basket, a pot for the plant, a chair, wall art, lighting, mirror, name it.


Bedroom decor idea

Photo : Pinterest


A few (or a lot) of cushions with texture

Cushions can change the whole mood of the room.

Oh and it doesn’t really count as a cushion, but a nice sheep-skin throw will do wonder as well (they make faux one that look so great).


Cushions on a brown leather couch

Photo : Pinterest

Bedroom decor ideas

Photo : Pinterest


Well chosen plants

A touch of green in every room is an absolute MUST, according to me anyway!

Some of the plants that I am looking for right now are the viper’s bowstring hemp (also known at snake plant), any kind of cactus and succulents and tropical looking plants.


Cactus in pots

Photo : Pinterest


Some crochet or knit throw

Natural textures have been very trendy for a while.

Simply add a knit or a crochet item to your bedroom for an actual and trendy look. Plus, there is something comforting about those throws and blankets, I find!


Bedroom idea

Photo : Pinterest


More and more baskets

I want baskets to put my plants in.

And I also want them all around, just because they look so nice! The more the merrier!


plants in basket

Photo : Pinterest


A nice textured rug

An area rug in the living room (even if you already have a carpet there) is a very nice way to make a statement.

Another place I really like them right now is half way under the bed.


Textured rug

Photo : Pinterest

Pompom conforter and texture rug

Photo : Pinterest


So there, what do you think of that list? Are there some elements in there that you’d like to shop for?

And what are YOUR favorite trends or items of the moment? Share with us in the comments below!



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2 Commentaires

  1. Salut Josianne, je suis de Montréal mais je vis à Los Angeles en ce moment. J’aime beaucoup lire tes articles et découvertes et surtout que cela me donne la chance de ne pas perdre mon français car je parle seulement en anglais ici. Toutefois, j’aimerais savoir si tu connaissais le Canyon Ranch Life Enhancement Center à Tucson puisque tu vis à Arizona et tu aimes découvrir des nouveaux endroits. J’ai pris un peu de poids ce temps-ci et j’ai lu que peut-être ce spa me ferait du bien. Merci, Nicole

    • Bonjour Nicole!
      Merci beaucoup pour les bons mots, ça me fait bien plaisir de lire ça!
      Je connais seulement de nom, je n’ai pas eu la chance encore d’y aller. Je vais les contacter je pense pour aller y faire un tour et peut-être faire un petit reportage sur leurs services – qui sait!
      Mais en ce moment, je ne suis pas en position de pouvoir le recommander ou non – je ne sais pas….!
      Je suis à Montréal présentement, de retour en Arizona la semaine prochaine pour les 2 prochains mois et demi! Yay!
      Josianne 🙂

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