How do you materialize your vision into results? Here are 5 steps to help you!


Browsing through Facebook one day, I saw a picture of a woman I met a year ago. I could see it was her, but there was something different, something very powerful about her in that photo. And she looked magnificent. Right away, I wanted to know who was the photographer. Obviously, he or she had seen something in that person and was able to bring it out. And that’s how I connected with Pazit Perez.


Pazit Perez
Pazit Perez


After checking her website, I liked it so much that I wrote her an email, just to let her know how much her work has inspired me.

She has just moved from Montreal to Miami a few weeks before. As for me, I am still living in Asia at the moment, but I will be back in Montreal in May, as will she be too, for a month. Talk about timing! I’m hoping we’ll have the chance to meet then – because that woman is seriously inspiring!

In the meanwhile, since Pazit is coming back to Montreal to teach a seminar about reaching your goals (and your dreams), I thought I’d ask her some advices to share with us.

How do you translate your vision into real life results? More over, how do you define that vision in the first place?

That’s what she talks about through those 5 steps below.


1. What you THINK, you BECOME

Think, I mean really think and decide what you want to achieve.

Example: you want to write a book and picture it being a New York Time Best Seller.



Picture it. Find a person whose already achieved the success you want. Model them, brand yourself in the « image of » and snap a pic of you as who you want to become. That’s your Vision Portrait. 

A Vision Portrait session is a groundbreaking approach to photography, based on the Law of Attraction and Self Love principles. You are being captured for who you want to become and not as who you are now so you can develop the power to see your potential, focus on your goal and achieve it…in record time.

Example: if we keep the book example, you could picture being J.K.Rowlings.


Vision portrait
Photo :


3.DEVELOP your future

Now that you have a Vision Portrait, keep it in sight and think of one thing you can do each day that will get you closer to it.

Example : write for 5 minutes each day. Take a writing class. Hire someone to help you write it. Research book ideas. Etc.


4. Make your MOVE

Don’t just sit there, take action. 

Make that call. Sign up to that course. Write for 5 minutes each day. Join the book club, etc.



All the culminated SMALL actions you’ll take daily, overtime will amount to BIG results.

You can and will grow and become your Vision Portrait, as long as you finish what you start and stick with it no matter what.


One last thingy: every morning, choose how will you use your time and live your life. Will you CREATE a masterpiece or will you be BURIED with your dream?


So there, you have it. I love those 5 steps!

Pazit is now focusing her work on teaching others the principles on how to rebrand their self-image to achieve growth and wealth in their life.

You like this and you want to work it more in depth?

Catch her while you can : she’ll be in Montreal in May to teach about the subject. The special event is called Grow Rich : Reset your Vision & Mindset for Growth and Wealth. It’s happening on May 16th at Ruby Foo’s Hotel in Montreal. To know more about it, clic here.

Pazit is also proposing a course on the subject, starting April 2018 through her I Have a Dream Academy. To know more about it, clic here.


I have a dream academy - Pazit Perez
Photo :


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